Our Commitment to Camper Health

Camp Counselor with dogs

Your dog’s wellbeing is our #1 priority at Camp Bow Wow. When your pup stays with us, you can rest assured that we’re upholding our high standard of safety to keep your pup happy and healthy. Our frequent sanitization, required vaccinations, and snout-to-tail assessments are only a few of the things we do as part of our commitment to your Camper’s health. We’re here to be your partner in your pup’s care no matter the season. 

How We Keep Campers Healthy

Here are the steps we take to keep your Camper healthy and happy in our care:

  • Strict Cleaning Procedures
    • Each Cabin is deep-cleaned and sanitized prior to every stay

    • Daily deep cleaning of play yards and sanitization of surfaces and toys

    • Bowls sanitized multiple times a day

  • Camper Health Requirements

    • All dogs at Camp are verified to be up-to-date on CORE and Bordetella vaccines. Other vaccines may be required.

    • Complete snout-to-tail assessment of health and physical wellbeing at check-in and throughout their stay

  • Health and Safety Monitoring

    • Close monitoring of each Camper throughout their stay for any signs of illness

    • Camp Counselors treat every pup like family. They know your pup and are trained to spot changes in behavior

  • Integration with Experts in the Pet Health Community

    • Partnered with the largest group of veterinary hospitals to stay at the leading edge of care

Our commitment to the health and safety of the dogs in our care remains unwavering. We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun and nurturing environment for all the Campers entrusted to us.