Summer Bucket List with Your Pup

Looking for fun activities to do with your pup this Summer? Here are 20 ideas to make this Summer with your pup the best one yet.

  1. Pick out a special treat at a doggy bakery.
  2. Host a summer party with your pup’s closest friends. Reference this Pup Paw-ty Guide.
  3. Try out a new route on your daily walk.
  4. Plan a picnic in the park.
  5. Spoil your dog with homemade treats. Tips here!
  6. Teach your pup a new trick to wow your friends.
  7. Visit your local dog park. Check out our article on dog park etiquette.
  8. Eat ice cream together. Doggy ice cream for your pup, of course!
  9. Go for a swim in a lake or ocean. Keep your pup safe by reading this water safety article.
  10. Spend a night under the stars at a dog-friendly campsite.
  11. Turn a cardboard box into a fun training tool on a hot day. Learn more here.
  12. Freeze treats and/or toys in a block of chicken stock for your dog to enjoy.
  13. Check out a dog-friendly restaurant, brewery or coffee shop.
  14. Pamper your pup with a spaw day. Check out our expert grooming tips and tricks.
  15. Turn your backyard into a splash park – turn on the sprinklers or fill up a kiddie pool.
  16. Play a game of fetch with a new ball or frisbee.
  17. Pack your ‘wags’ and hit the road. But first, read these road trip tips.
  18. Go for a hike or a long, scenic walk.
  19. Snuggle up and watch a movie together.
  20. Meet new furry friends. Find a Camp Bow Wow location near you!