How to Take a Selfie with Your Pup

Do you have more pictures of your pup saved on your phone than anyone or anything else? What about an embarrassing amount of selfie attempts together? If this sounds all too familiar then look no further because we have the tips and tricks for a picture perfect selfie:

  • Since our furry family members tend to not stay still as long for photos, an exercise session prior to the selfie session would be beneficial and help them relax!
  • Utilize any tools you need to make the selfie process easier: selfie stick, timer and camera stand, squeaky toy attached to phone/camera – let your pet sniff these out before your selfie session so they aren’t new or scary.
  • Always think “safety first!”
    • Ensure your pup is in an enclosed, safe space and leashed outdoors.
    • Do not force them into a particular position (close to your face, in your arms, etc.).
    • Remove the flash from your shot (if this was an option) since the bright light can cause alarm.
  • Determine what pose you’re going for in advance. There are several tricks that look great on camera with you such as playing dead, waving, sitting up, smiling, and more!
  • If your pet is willing, selfies are a great opportunity to showcase fun costumes and dog accessories. Never leave your dog alone with any clothing item or accessory and only keep them on for a short time frame.
  • Be patient. It may take a few shots to get your dog settled and able to maintain focus to get your special shot.
    • Use treats or their favorite toy, your voice and praise, and pets to guide them into place and reward them for doing a great job.
    • If you’re trying to get a group shot, organize the people first, then the pets.
    • Take many shots at once so you can choose the best one!