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Come Back to a Clean, Happy Pup

What's more delightful than collecting a joyful pup from Camp? How about welcoming a fresh, well-groomed, cheerful dog into your home? Camp Bow Wow® is not just a play paradise but also one of the friendliest dog groomers near you, offering bathing and nail trimming services that ensure your furry friend is clean and looking their absolute best. 

We all know that washing them at home can be a real chore – it's tiring, messy, and can sometimes stress out your pup. So, instead of battling the bath at the end of a busy day, why not let our skilled groomers pamper your pet during their stay with us?

With dog grooming areas specially designed for your pup’s comfort, Camp Bow Wow can take this off your to-do list. Adding a bath to your pup’s stay lets you cuddle with a squeaky-clean pup when you get home.

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Dog & Puppy Grooming FAQs

Book a bath or grooming session with our dog groomers near you for dogs after your companion's stay at Camp Bow Wow, and a fresh and squeaky-clean pooch will greet you! We invite you to browse the answers to our most frequently asked questions. We understand the significance of your pet's comfort and peace of mind—and we strive to ensure that both you and your furry friend depart from Camp feeling delighted.

What kind of grooming services do you offer?

Every location offers nail trims and dog bathing near you so you can pick up a clean, fresh-smelling pup after their stay. Many of our Camps even offer additional  grooming services. Contact your local Camp Bow Wow for details.

Do your prices differ for dogs of different sizes?

Yes. Your dog’s size and the length of his or her coat will affect our grooming prices. We believe it's important to accommodate your dog's unique needs with extra care and attention where needed. Don’t hesitate to inquire with your local Camp for more information.

Do you have dog grooming near me?

Contact your local Camp for details. Our grooming prices and packages vary by location so be sure to give your local dog groomers a call!

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When should you start grooming a puppy?

Puppies are typically ready for their first grooming around the 10-12 week mark. Your puppy should have their first round of shots prior to their grooming appointment.

How to prepare a puppy for their first grooming?

There are a few steps that you can take to begin acclimating your puppy before their first grooming experience. This includes:

  • Regular brushingt
  • Handle their face, ears, and mouth
  • Regular baths
  • Expose them to the sound of scissors and a hair dryer

These extra steps can help prepare your puppy and establish a trusting experience with their local dog groomer at Camp Bow Wow.

How often should my dog be groomed?

How often a dog should be groomed can be influenced by various factors like breed, age, lifestyle, and individual health considerations. Regular grooming activities such as brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing are priorities when maintaining your dog's overall well-being. The frequency of these activities can differ based on your pup's specific needs.

Connecting with our team at Camp Bow Wow is a great way to get personalized advice on the specific grooming needs for your pup. We can provide a detailed grooming schedule tailored to your furry friend's unique requirements, ensuring they look and feel their best. Don't hesitate to contact your nearest Camp to learn more about how often your dog should be groomed. Our team is here to help you bond with your pup and keep them healthy and happy!

What are the requirements for my dog to be groomed at Camp?

Your dog must be up to date on the Rabies, Distemper, Bivalent Flu, and Bordetella vaccines. Other vaccinations may also be needed, depending on your local Camp’s requirements. If you are only visiting Camp Bow Wow for our grooming services, you do not need to pass the Camper Interview process.

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Professional Dog Grooming Near You

Parents of bigger breeds know that grooming a large dog requires the right equipment and sufficient space. The processes and accommodations we have in place for dog grooming near you are designed to handle dogs of any size.

  • Accommodating bath and brush space 
  • Sufficient use of product 
  • Safe & thorough drying 
  • Stable & comfortable surfaces

If a large breed is part of your family, don't hesitate to bring them over for a routine groom. Beautiful canines like Mastiffs, Great Danes, Mountain Dogs, and Saint Bernards are all welcome here.

The Importance of Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Not only does it keep your pup looking and feeling great, but it also helps to keep them healthy and happy. Regular brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing are all essential aspects of proper dog grooming that can help prevent health issues in the future.

Moreover, consistent pet grooming sessions near you strengthen the bond with your furry companion and offer an opportunity to monitor their health for any signs of illness or injury that may require a veterinarian's care. Equipped with the appropriate tools and expertise, you can ensure that your pup looks and feels their best with the help of pet grooming services in your vicinity.

Why Dog Nail Trimming is Sometimes Best Left to Professionals

Obviously, trimming dog nails doesn’t have to be done by professionals. Many pet parents are well-equipped and skillful at keeping nails the correct length. But just as many people are either uncomfortable with it or simply want groomers to handle it.

Here are a few reasons to leave dog toe nail trimming to professionals.

  • If you have trouble getting your pup comfortable, bring them in. The environment at Camp Bow Wow is designed to feel like a vacation for your canine.
  • There’s the risk of pain and bleeding if you cut the quick.
  • Cutting too short makes every future attempt much harder.
  • Routines and reinforcement help. If your dog associates nail trimming with visiting us, the structure may help them.
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