Grooming Tips to Keep Your Pup Looking and Feeling their Best

Corgi getting his or her head towel dried after a bath

Doggy hygiene is an important part of pet ownership that can often get overlooked!

There is a wide range on how much bathing and grooming is necessary for a dog, and the answer may vary based on your dog’s:

  • Coat length
  • Coat type – double coat, fur that resembles hair, curly coat, etc.
  • Lifestyle – contact with other dogs, living arrangement, time spent outdoors, etc.
  • Ailments – allergies, skin sensitivities, parasites, dry skin, etc.

Regular bathing and coat care can help you identify and changes in skin conditions, alert to hot spots, rashes or irritation, and detect parasites. It also gives you a chance to discover any new lumps or bumps while also inspecting eye, ear and toenail health.

Ways to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy:


  • Select the right brush based on the type of fur – there are many combs, bristled brushes and de-shedding tools to choose from.
  • Brush several times a week to to remove loose hair and dandruff and spread the coat’s natural oils for shine and overall coat health. Bonus: regular brushing can minimize excess hair falling off in your home.


  • Look for signs your pup needs a bath - smell, oily skin and fur, dandruff or visible dirt.
  • Brush out both before and after the bath to ensure tangles and mats are gone.
  • Use dog-friendly shampoos designed to address a dog’s skin and pH levels (which are different from our own)
  • Make sure to dry your dog well with a towel and don’t leave them to drip dry. Home hair dryers get too hot for a dog’s skin.


  • Pick your desired cut - haircuts can vary from basic trims (face, feet, and tail) to a full, breed-specific cut.
  • Keep areas trimmed that can block vision or elimination, or cause buildup of dirt, grass or debris.
  • Help your pet’s coat stay in the best shape possible for their breed.
  • Eliminate mats and tangles and lessen the need for other upkeep.

When it comes to nail care for your pup, it's essential to check their nails routinely because how often you clip or trim your dog's nails depends on how much their nail naturally gets worn down. In addition to keeping the nail bed from growing too long, other benefits include minimizing injuries to the nails and toes, lessening damage to any furniture, carpet, etc. and maintaining your dog's posture and proper gait for walking and running. Since this grooming task presents a small chance of causing pain, you want to make sure that you are fully equipped with the right tools and techniques so that your dog is comfortable with the process.

Nail Trims:

  • Have your dog get used to you touching their paws and put pressure on their toes
  • Let your pup sniff the nail clippers and trimmers to investigate before use
  • In addition, let your dog hear the sound the clippers and trimmers make before use
  • Provide positive reinforcement after you have clipped or trimmed a nail with praise and treats
  • For additional information, check out this blog post here

Let us do the dirty work!

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  • No wet floors, sopping towels or clogged drains at home
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  • Take the stress out of nail trims for both you and your pup
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