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Recent Posts in St. Clair Shores 2013

  • Our Cabins

    Our Cabins
    All overnight Campers are in open play for approximately 6 to 8 hours a day. When it’s time for a meal, or a nap, all Campers have their own private cabins assigned based on their size and needs. The ...
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  • Separating Play Yards at Day Camp

    Separating Play Yards at Day Camp
    We get asked all the time how many dogs we see here at Camp each day. The answer is…A LOT! Since we do not require reservations for our day Camp service, the number of dogs “in house” fluctuates ...
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  • Why Dogs Do What They Do

    Why Dogs Do What They Do
    Ever wonder why dogs act a certain way or why they do what they do? Well, there is a reason for everything. Because dogs can’t talk, they react to and display emotions through physical actions. ...
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