Our Cabins

All overnight Campers are in open play for approximately 6 to 8 hours a day. When it’s time for a meal, or a nap, all Campers have their own private cabins assigned based on their size and needs. The cabins are private on the sides and the back so nosy neighbors aren’t a concern.

Cabin Locations

Cabin assignments are determined not only by the size of the dog but also by the play yard they are assigned to. For convenience and safety, we like to keep all the Campers in the cabins nearest to their play yard.

Cabin Accommodations

We have a variety of cabin sizes so we can accommodate any dog or multiple dogs in the same family.

  • Teacup cabins-These cabins accommodate our tiniest camper and are right inside of the tea-cup play yard. Your dog can literally get out of bed and go straight to play! The teacup cabins are 4ft wide by 2ft tall and provide the perfect cozy environment for our littlest campers (15 lbs and under).
  • Small cabins-these cabins are perfect for the dogs that play in the small play yard. With dimensions 4ft by 4ft these cabins easily accommodate a complimentary Kuranda cot, cozied up to your specifications (pillows, blankets, etc.), food and water, toys, etc. Our double gate system ensures that the small yard campers never even have to look at the “big” dogs.
  • Medium/Standard cabins-The bulk of the cabins accommodate the medium/large standard size dogs. These are the Campers that play in the back play yards (medium and large) and need a little more space to feel cozy. These cabins are 4ft x 8 ft and also include a complimentary Kuranda cot and can be cozied up to your specifications. These cabins are large enough that they can bring out your dog's inner interior designer. Many like to rearrange their cot inside their cabin. We’ve even seen dogs flip them upside down and then remake their bed on top of that.
  • Family cabins-our largest cabins accommodate multiple dogs living in the same house. At 5 feet wide by 10 feet deep these cabins sleep multiple dogs in the same family. It can accommodate multiple cots or everyone can cozy up together. These cabins also come in handy for our extra-large Campers, like our Great Danes, Saint Bernard’s and Bernese Mountain Dogs.
  • For safety purposes we do not allow dogs that don’t live in the same household full-time to board in the same cabin.

Time spent in cabins

Unlike other boarding and daycare facilities, our dogs don’t sit in cabins all day. The only time our dogs are in their cabins is if they are eating or sleeping, the rest of the day they are in open play. By the time they settle in for the night they are sound asleep before we can even turn the lullaby music on.

Every Camper eats alone and sleeps alone, unless they are multiple dogs in the same family. Even family dogs that are sharing a cabin can be separated at meal time if necessary. We understand some have larger appetites than others and may steal their siblings food (allegedly, we aren’t mentioning any names).

Cozying up the cabins

We have a bounty of cots, blankets and pillows but if there is something your Camper absolutely can’t live without, you are welcome to bring it to Camp with them. There are no toys or food allowed in the play yards but personal items remain in your dog's cabin for the duration of their stay. We don’t recommend bringing anything of value, as we mentioned…dog often like to show off their inner interior decorator while they’re at Camp. We always let people know we aren’t responsible for any items that may fall victim to “redecorating”, but we do provide Kuranda cots and bedding at no extra charge, so feel free to use ours instead of bringing your own.

All new Campers are required to pass the “interview” process, which is a free day of play. We recommend you schedule your free day at least a week prior to your boarding reservation so if your dog is a little nervous they can come for a few days of daycare before they stay overnight.