Why Dogs Do What They Do

Ever wonder why dogs act a certain way or why they do what they do? Well, there is a reason for everything. Because dogs can’t talk, they react to and display emotions through physical actions. Understanding why your dog is acting a certain way is a pivotal part of creating a bond and a relationship with your dog.

Below is a list of emotions and signs to watch for when your dog experiencing these feeling.

When dog are happy they might:

  • Pant excitedly
  • Hold their heads higher than usual
  • Keep their eyes open wide
  • Relax their ears and tail
  • Wag their tail
  • Lick family members or other family pets
  • Wiggle their body
  • Stick their rump in the air

When dogs are scared or nervous they may:

  • Pull their lips back or lick lips obsessively
  • Lowering their eyes or looking at you sideways
  • Tuck their tail
  • Hunch their spine upward
  • Roll over and expose their belly
  • Huddle in a corner or under the bed
  • Tremble

When dogs are angry they may:

  • Stand tall, as if on their tippy toes
  • Bare their teeth
  • Stare with wide eyes, or eyes narrowed eyes, for a long period of time
  • Point their ears forward
  • Stiffen their tail
  • Raise their hackles

When dogs are anxious they may:

  • Vigorously scratch the floor/ground with their front paws
  • Pace in circles or a straight line
  • Destroy toys and bedding in his/her kennel
  • Bark continuously at a door, or window
  • Destroy doors or windows when you are away

When dog are bored they may:

  • Excessively lick, scratch, and nibble
  • Dig holes in the yard
  • Chew on things that aren’t theirs

When dogs are territorial they may:

  • Hike their leg to urinate on household furniture
  • Mount family members or other family pets
  • Hover over shared food/water bowls
  • Nip at the heels or legs of family members or other family pets

If your dog is exhibiting territorial, bored or angry behavior, call Camp Bow Wow to learn more about our training programs.

Sources used for this blog: K9Magazine.com