Doggy "Boba Tea" Recipe

Celebrate the spring and summer months with this refreshing pup-approved drink! After a day of camp or as break from the warmer weather, help your dog cool off with this fruity treat that contains all human-grade ingredients that are safe for your dog to enjoy.


1 whole strawberry

1 tablespoon of kefir

1/3 cup of water


Optional: another strawberry for garnish


  1. Cut off stem of strawberry, followed by slicing the strawberry into fourths.
  2. Add the slices to a bowl, using the back of a fork mash it up a bit- it should be partially soft with some chunks.
  3. To make it a “milk tea” add one tablespoon of kefir to the mashed-up strawberry and mix
  4. Add 1/3 cup of water to dilute the mix
  5. It can’t be boba tea without the boba pearls- the dog safe alternative for this drink is using blueberries in place of the boba pearls! Using a cup or bowl (whatever works for your pup) add a few blueberries to the bottom of the container you are using for the drink.
  6. Pour the strawberry, kefir, and water mixture over the blueberry “boba” and as an optional addition use strawberry to garnish on the rim of the cup or bowl.
  7. Serve this refreshing treat to your pup while it’s still cool.

As iconic as the boba straws are for human boba drinks, for you dog’s safety we highly recommend skipping the straw when serving to your dog.

We hope your pup loves this puptastic twist on the popular boba tea drink!


Original recipe found on TikTok from the creator @goldengirl.caroline