New Year's Resolutions (From the Dog)

If dogs could write, we're sure they'd have a list of New Year's Resolutions that looks something like this:

  • Make my presence known everywhere I go with fur, slobber and chewed up toys
  • Perfect my puppy dog eyes to get whatever I want
  • Nail a new trick to impress all my fans
  • Catch. That. Tail.
  • Deploy zoomies when mom is on important work calls so she knows it’s time to play with me
  • Take my parents on walks to keep them moving
  • Make new friends at Camp!
  • Protect my family from mailmen, delivery drivers, and leaves blowing by
  • Give snuggles and wet kisses if mom or dad is having a bad day
  • Help clean up kitchen messes when my humans say it's ok
  • When dad can’t go outside to play, bring outside to him by bringing in sticks and dirt
  • Don't get upset when my parents blame their farts on me
  • Great each day with doggish optimism

2022 will surely be another great year to be a dog!