Fun Games To Play With Your Pup

One of the best parts about being a Camp Counselor is watching the Campers play in the play yards. The Campers love to play games with each other such as chase, tag, and romp and roll. We Camp Counselors love to play games with our pooches at home too! Here are our top three favorites:

1. Fetch

Obviously fetch is one of our number one favorites! For those of us with tennis ball loving pups, fetch is a daily activity! Fetch is a great way to exercise our four legged friends, while also practicing basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “wait”. The best way to tucker out a pup is to engage their mind during play!

2. Clean Up

Toy clean up is a great way to utilize the “fetch” and then redirect the retrieval to the toy box! We know from experience that our four-legged friends can make just as big of a mess with their toys as their human siblings. Wouldn’t we all love it if our furry kiddos picked up their toys once they were done playing?

3. Hide & Seek

This is an entertaining spin on the traditional game of hide and seek. Gather up three or four cups, and put your dog’s favorite ball or toy underneath one. Shuffle the cups, and allow your dog to sniff out the cup which contains the ball or toy! This game is great for cognitive thinking, and scent tracking abilities!

Combine these simple games with trips to Day Camp each week, and you will be sure to have tired pup on your hands!