How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Dog and Valentine's Day decor

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and store aisles have become filled with pink and red decorations and heart-shaped cards in preparation for the day of love. Valentine’s Day is a special time to shower loved ones around you and let them know how appreciated they are. Our pups love us unconditionally 365 days a year, so take this day to show your furry friends how much they mean to you.

Spa Day Paw Day

Everyone should get pampered every once in a while, your dog included! Take the day to give your pup the VIP treatment by preparing a toy-filled bath, giving them a relaxing massage, or even scheduling their next grooming appointment. There’s nothing like a bit of primping to give your pup a pep in their step.

Treats For All

Valentine’s Day is typically associated with decadent chocolates and sugary candies. While these confections are a nice treat for humans, your dog can’t enjoy the same. Every furry friend loves their fair share of treats, so make sure you prepare nutritious goodies for your dog for the day. Get crafty in the kitchen and make homemade treats or pick up some pre-made doggy delicacies from your local pet store.

Take a Hike

If you and your dog are outdoor adventurers, spend some time exploring a new trail or hiking path. Not only does hiking serve as a great form of exercise for you and your pup, but meeting other pet parents and dogs along the trail can also help your dog develop socialization skills. After a long day of hiking, your pup will likely return home ready to rest, recharge, and cuddle—the perfect ending to a full day of celebrating your little Valentine!

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