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Sit, Stay, and See What Owners Say

Franchisee Testimonials

Dogs are the heart of our business but it's our franchise owners who manage our Camps daily to make the magic happen. Read through a few powerful testimonials from people who have learned everything from the beginnings stages of owning a franchise, through opening a location and receiving continued support from the team at Camp Bow Wow hound-quarters. You'll have the opportunity to speak directly with our Camp Bow Wow franchise owners during the process to ownership for additional questions you may have!

  • It’s a career I can get behind and an industry that shows strength, even in difficult economic times. I believe in the services we offer and how we help families (the two- and four-legged). I make a very good living in both my annual salary and equity accumulation in the business’ value. It is reassuring that when the day comes when I am ready to exit working all together, I have built a valuable business that will financially support our retirement adventures.

    Boulder CO
    Avondale AZ

    Brook Brown
  • It’s a fun business, it’s all about the dogs! Obviously, there is a business component to it but it’s really marrying that strong ROI investment component with something we’re just really passionate about.

    Memphis, TN

    Picture of dog
  • My favorite parts of Camp Bow Wow are the people and the dogs. It is hard to say which comes first. The dogs are great. Camp is their ‘happy place’ and being with so many happy dogs each day is a great way to live. We love providing them a place they like and the quality of care they deserve for a fair price. Similarly, we enjoy developing relationships with customers – when dogs are happy, people are happy. We also strive to have Camp be an enjoyable place to work and like working with our team.

    Delaware North DE

    Laurie Williams
  • We made the best choice we could have ever made in our initial decision to join the Camp Bow Wow franchise system. Our experience has been humbling and almost too good to be true.

    San Antonio, TX
    Austin, TX

    Camp Bow Wow Franchisees Frank & Tamara Wetegrove
  • I truly love what I do, it's my favorite thing in the world. It's all about the dogs and the staff become like family!

    New Orleans, LA
    Covington, LA
    Tampa, FL
    Greenville, SC
    Bentonville, AR

    Picture of dog
  • We felt that in our area there wasn’t a place we fully trusted to bring our dog, and thought, why don’t we do it! The Camp Bow Wow brand came with a lot of great knowledge of how to run your business with the support of so many other owners going through the same journey. Their business model being all-inclusive helped keep things “simple” and we loved the setup of the Camp amenities.

    Phoenix, AZ

    Travis & Amber Pensky
  • I feel like they keep getting smarter and smarter with what they’re doing. They’re always looking at what the next new thing is and what can we do to improve our business. They’re looking at making it more modern. I see Camp Bow Wow as adding just more and more locations. It’s amazing how many people are interested in this. It’s amazing how many people call me to ask about it.

    Baton Rouge, LA
    Prairieville, LA

    Camp Bow Wow Drew Detlefs
  • Once we found Camp Bow Wow, we knew it was “The One”. The level of support from the franchisor, the business model, the whole neighborhood of franchisees all contribute to make this one of the best franchises in the country.

    Boise, ID
    Meridian ID

    Beth Peterson
  • At the end of the day it is good to do something you love but it is still a business. I love that I come to work and I have the freedom of being my own boss and also being outside. We're not sitting down, we're running around all day.

    Parker, CO
    Centennial, CO

    Picture of Doodle
  • Having been a CEO in corporate healthcare for many years, I needed a change. Camp Bow Wow offered me the peace of mind of owning my own destiny with very real financial opportunities. Best decision I have ever made.

    Katy, TX
    Kemah, TX
    Cypress, TX

    Camp Bow Wow Franchisee José Morillo
  • I feel so good about the level of care we provide people. They aren’t having to take their dogs and lock them up all the time in a kennel or drop them at a daycare that doesn’t do staffing levels the right way or do proper protocol and procedure. I feel like we’re literally helping people. The financial conversion that comes with opening them is so good. The more Camp franchises that open, the more it becomes a known brand and the more demand there is. Before we opened, nobody even knew what doggie day care was and none of these dogs got to go enjoy themselves during the day. Now, it’s the cultural norm.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Camp Bow Wow Franchisee Jordan Murray