New Camp Bow Wow to Open in Lexington

CBW Lexington Franchise Owners

Pet parents and pups of Lexington—get ready to celebrate! Camp Bow Wow may be new to town, but we’re no strangers to providing the highest level of care to beloved pups of all ages and sizes.

Expected to open in spring 2022, the Camp Bow Wow Lexington East is adding the finishing touches and preparing to provide the newest all-inclusive doggy Day Camp experience. With over 20 years of industry success, rest assured that your furry friend will be in good hands at our new Camp Bow Wow location.

Camp Bow Wow Expands to Lexington

After experiencing disappointing pet care for their own dog, James and Lisa Culp were determined to offer a personalized pet care facility for fellow dog-lovers in the area who may have experienced the same. “One of our girl dogs was referred to as a boy by a boarder after we picked her up from a week-long stay,” said Lisa. Inspired to find a better solution, James and Lisa will open Camp Bow Wow Lexington East on the basis of treating every Camper like family.

“Our pet parents love Camp Bow Wow because they know their dogs are in great hands. From the moment they bound through our doors until you arrive to pick them back up, they are surrounded by Camp Counselors that treat them like they are their own family,” says Camp Bow Wow Lexington East’s owners, James and Lisa Culp.

The new Lexington location offers a range of convenient services and activities suitable for every pet parent and their loyal companion. Your pup is sure to have a blast during all-day indoor and outdoor play and socialization time. You’ll have peace of mind that your dog is receiving the highest levels of care for the duration of their stay.

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