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  • dog on grass in autumn

    Fall Foods That are Dog-Friendly

    The sun is setting earlier, leaves are changing color, and the days are getting cooler — fall is finally here! While there are ...

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  • dog riding in back seat of car

    Helping Your Dog with Car Anxiety

    Many dogs love learning that they get to hop in the car and go for a joy ride with the family. But while we tend to picture all ...

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  • Chocolate dog panting in park

    Panting: Reasons Why Your Dog is Breathing Heavily

    After a long hike or walk through the neighborhood, it’s normal for your dog to come home, grab a sip of water and start breathing ...

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  • Camp Bow Wow Day Care

    Doggy Day Cares Continue to Rise in Popularity

    At first glance, a spike in pet adoptions may not seem like a natural side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as people spent ...

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