Surprising Autumn Dangers for Your Dog

When temperatures reach 100 degrees in the summer, most pet parents know to be cautious of a few things — hot pavement, overheating, dehydration, and sunburn. But many pet parents forget that even though the weather is starting to cool down, there are still things they should be on the lookout for to ensure their pup’s health and safety.

Keeping Your Dog Safe This Fall

Autumn tends to be a fan favorite among pet parents because cooler weather lets them enjoy hiking, running, and camping with their furry friend by their side. But fall can bring some hidden dangers and potential problems for you and your pup.


Unfortunately, fleas don’t just disappear when cooler weather rolls through. In fact, fleas reach their peak in the fall. And because many pet parents tend to reduce their flea and tick prevention once summer ends, flea bites become a major problem for dogs in the fall.

Antifreeze and Other Ice Melts

Antifreeze is incredibly toxic — just a few licks can be enough to kill a small-to-medium-sized dog. And while you may avoid using it for that very reason, your petless neighbors may not realize the danger they’re putting pups in when they throw antifreeze down on their driveway.

Fall Foods

While we know it’s tempting to give your pup scraps off the table, many of the foods we eat this time of the year are dangerous for dogs. While you probably know how dangerous chocolate is for a dog, many pet parents don’t realize that grapes, raisins, turkey skin, and ham are just as (and maybe even more) dangerous.

And with the holidays right around the corner, make sure not to give your pup any of these Thanksgiving favorites.

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