Camp Bow Wow at Franchise Expo South: “Never put the dollar before the dog.”

Dog on Top of Agility Course Equipment

When it comes to recruiting new franchise owners, you’ll hear “we don’t accept just any applicant, we only want to bring on the right franchisees” pretty often. Unfortunately, it’s far from the truth for most franchises.

But for Camp Bow Wow, Trevor Robinson is proud to say “it’s 100 percent true. You can’t fake loving dogs.”

While working the Camp Bow Wow booth at Franchise Expo South in Ft. Lauderdale, Trevor Robinson, our director of franchise development, took some time to talk about what Camp Bow Wow looks for in its prospective franchisees. “We say, ‘never put the dollar before the dog.’ You don’t get past me if you don’t love dogs and just want to make money,” said Trevor.

“The people who are looking at us aren’t also looking at 10 Taco Bells or something,” said Trevor. “For us, there’s huge education around what a franchise is, how this will impact your life, [and] really getting people to understand the commitment.”

A Growing Community

By looking only for those who have a genuine love and appreciation for dogs, we’ve been able to steadily grow. In 2018 alone, we were honored to open 20 locations — more than double that of 2017.

One of the many ways we’ve grabbed the attention of dog and animal lovers alike is by doing more “non-traditional trade shows.” From pet hospitals to veterinarian expos, we’re able to put Camp Bow Wow in front of new audiences who are interested in more than just a paycheck.

A Changing Footprint

Something we’re really excited about is our new footprint model. Until now, we’ve asked franchisees to choose locations around 8,000 square feet. Coming soon, we’re reducing our necessary square footage to 5,000-6,000. Because a smaller space has a lower total investment, we can soon bring on more dog lovers and increase our real estate opportunities.

The pet care industry is growing faster each year, and Camp Bow Wow is right there with it! With pet parents spending more than $60 billion dollars annually on their pets nationwide, the future is bright for current and prospective franchise owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack, dial 877-700-2275 or contact us online to request your free executive summary!