Who are Camp Bow Wow Customers?

Identifying your customer base is one thing — understanding them is another. At Camp Bow Wow, we work hard to understand the needs of both our two and four-legged customers.

Camp Bow Wow customers are:

  • Dog-lovers. This seems to go without saying! Naturally, Camp Bow Wow customers are pet parents who love and want the best for their pups. They’ll spare no expense to make sure their furry friends are happy, healthy, and well cared for day or night.
  • Busy. From planned vacations to last-minute work trips, pet parents are busy. Whether your pup needs to stay over one night or seven, you can rest (or work) assured that he’s in good hands at Camp Bow Wow.
  • Tech-savvy: Pet parents can rest easy knowing that they can check in on their pup at any time, even if they’re miles away. With access to our live webcams on your computer or smartphone, you can watch your pups romp and play all day.
  • Intelligent shoppers. Unlike some boarding and daycare facilities that nickel and dime you for every feature, we offer all-inclusive pricing. Simply put, the price you see is the price you pay!

What Camp Bow Wow Customers are Saying

What’s the best way to learn about Camp Bow Wow customers? Hearing what they have to say! Out of our thousands of reviews on GoogleFacebook, and other sites, below are some of our favorites:

“Dog parents don’t come any more neurotic than me. That’s a fact. So, needless to say, I pondered bringing my little nugget here for quite a while before I worked up the nerve. What the heck was I waiting for?! Camp Bow Wow is a doggie wonderland! There are tons of other dogs to play with and “Counselors” watching them non-stop. Prices are reasonable and it is money well spent. Highly recommended!”
— Heather H., Las Vegas, Yelp!

“Wish we had [a Camp Bow Wow] in Daytona Beach area. Loved the one in El Cajon, CA — the best people!”

— Sharon Carr-obrien, Facebook  

“At Camp Bow Wow, they make you feel like family! All of the staff members have smiles on their faces! You can tell they love their jobs! I’m very impressed with how clean the facility is! A great bonus is that you get to watch your pup while they are there!”

— Betty D., Royal Oak, MI, Yelp!

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my sweet little Suzi!”

— SherriLea Gering Michaels, Facebook

“Sonny is so eager to return to visit his friends at Camp Bow Wow in Myrtle Beach. He knows that his Dad gives him more treats when he has enjoyed himself at the beach. It’s easy to relax and enjoy all that Myrtle Beach has to offer knowing that Sonny is well taken care of in a safe, comfortable environment that ensures that all his playmates are healthy and have good manners! So whether on vacation at the beach or “day-tripping,” I’m happy that the Camp is at the beach!”
—Marshall S., Myrtle Beach, SC, Google Places

The pet care industry is growing faster each year and Camp Bow Wow is right there with it! With U.S. pet parents spending over $60 billion dollars a year on their pets, the future is bright for current and prospective franchise owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack, dial (870) 600-2713 or contact us online to request your free executive summary!