Introducing a New Dog to Your Home

You just adopted a new dog and are picking him up next week. Let us be the first to say, congrats! Adding a new dog to your family is one of the most exciting moments in a pet parent’s life. But just like with any life-changing event, it’s important to plan for what’s to come.

If you’re becoming a first-time pet parent…

  • Stay calm. While it may be tempting to jump up and down at the sight of your new pup, remember that dogs can sense your emotions. Too much excitement can confuse and worry your new dog.
  • Keep treats on hand. Walking into a new home can be scary. Keep your new pup calm and comfortable by offering treats as rewards for good behavior.
  • Take him for a walk around the block. Get your new family member acclimated to the neighborhood’s sights and smells by going on a long walk.
  • Take a tour of his new house. The first time your dog steps paw into the house, walk him around each room, rather than letting him wander around on his own. Don’t forget to show him where his bed and food are too.

If you already have a dog (or dogs)…

While each of the suggestions we laid out above certainly still applies, you’ll want to take a few more precautions if you already have a furry friend at home.

  • Leave your furry friend at home when you go to pick up your new dog. You don’t want the first time your pups meet to be in a cramped, moving car.
  • Ask a friend for help. A good rule of thumb is to have one adult per dog during the meeting. If you’ll be sitting with or walking your new pup, ask a trusted friend to help keep your other dog calm and under control.
  • Keep both dogs leashed at first. While you certainly want to give them room to walk around, interact, and get acclimated to one another, a loose grip will ensure both dogs safety, should one become aggressive.
  • Don’t force them to bond. Allow your dogs to get to know one another at their own pace. Even if they don’t pay much attention to each other at first, this is better than forcing them into potentially uncomfortable situations.

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