5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe from Theft

It’s one of the worst things a dog owner can experience — pet theft. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens far more often than we’d like to think.

As a pet parent, there are steps you can take to best protect your pooch from abduction and harm:

1. Keep your pup on a leash when out in public.

Contrary to popular opinion, leashes aren’t just for aggressive dogs or dogs who run away. Having your dog leashed significantly reduces their likelihood of being stolen because it’s harder for thieves to run away with them.

2. Never leave your dog unattended outside in public.

For a number of reasons, you should never leave your dog outside alone. Even if they’re leashed to a poll or fence outside of the restaurant you’re in, they could still be easily taken.

3. Lock your gate when Fido is playing in the yard.

A backyard is a great place to let your dog run around without a leash on and get rid of some energy. Unfortunately, it also leaves dogs vulnerable to dognapping. Lock your fence to protect Fido from unwanted visitors and to keep him from running out into the street or other neighbor’s yards. You should also avoid signs like “Warning: A German Shepherd lives here” because it can grab the attention of someone looking to take that particular breed.

4. Never leave your dog alone in the car.

Your pup should never be alone in the car for two major reasons: he can overheat and he can be stolen. Even if your car doors are locked, passersby can still break a window and grab him before others notice.  

5. Microchip your dog.

Collars and ID tags are important, but they’ll likely only help in the event your dog runs away accidentally. If your dog is taken, the culprit will likely just throw the collar and tags away. But a microchip is hidden and can prove that you’re the rightful owner should a vet or animal shelter find your dog.

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