Pet-Friendly Restaurants Around the Country

As man’s best friend, it’s no surprise most dog owners can’t bear the thought of leaving their pooch outside while they run into a restaurant for a bit to eat. Thankfully, dog-friendly restaurants are becoming more and more popular!

No matter where you live in the United States, these restaurants will give you and your pup something to bark about.

1. TRACE at The W

Location: Austin, Texas

Need a cool place to escape the Texas sun? Stop into TRACE at The W for ice cream after spending the day at the dog park just next door.

2. Ray’s and Starks

Location: Los Angeles, California

Just when you thought brunch couldn’t get any better, it did! Ray’s and Starks is known for their Barky Brunch — a meal that your dog is not only invited to but has a menu all to himself! Hosted every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., this brunch is a dog lover’s paradise.

3. Radiator

Location: Washington D.C.

Perhaps no restaurant does dog-themed events like Radiator of Washington. Each National Dog Day, the bar and restaurant treats two-legged guests to canine-inspired cocktails and snacks. They also host regular adoption nights for local shelter pets.

4. 20 East

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Outdoor patios, free treats, a menu for dogs, and a puppy fashion show — what more could you ask for? And if you’re not yet a dog owner but are looking to adopt, they also have an annual adoption event each year on National Dog Day (August 26).

5. Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Location: 19 restaurants across the West Coast

So long as your pup is on a leash, he’s welcome to come inside Lazy Dog Restaurant for chicken breast, grilled hamburgers, and brown rice, each of which is off the dog-friendly canine menu. With plans to expand, our paws are crossed for an east coast location!

6. Bistro Chat Noir

Location: New York, New York

Do you prefer the fun of a picnic over indoor seating? Bistro Chat Noir will bring you and your furry friend food in Central Park if you’d prefer to eat outside rather than in their nearby, dog-friendly restaurant.

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