Common Obstacles New Franchise Businesses Run Into

Dog Running Through Grass

There’s no job quite like that of a franchisee. While many new Camp Bow Wow franchise owners view this as one of the most exciting times in their life, they also admit that it can be a little intimidating.

If you recently opened your doors to the public, below are a few obstacles you may soon run into. But lucky for you, you’ll now know what to expect — and as always, you have to full support of the Camp Bow Wow team behind you!

Being the decision maker.

“Let me ask the boss,” is something you’ll likely never have to say as a franchise owner. While that’s an exciting thought, it can also be a scary one. Now that you’re the one in charge, you’re also the one who has to make the tough decisions. Are you able to do things like divide bonuses fairly, reprimand an employee, and make decisions about the budget? Avoid decision fatigue by asking for the input of others, consulting other Camp Bow Wow franchise owners, and sticking to a decision once you’ve made one.

Finding the right team members.

When your grand opening date is getting closer by the minute, it can be tempting to pick the first candidate you meet, just because you want to fill that role. But in the franchise world, your team is basically the most important thing you have and can easily be what makes or breaks your business. If you’re hiring dog trainers for your Camp, make sure to ask them these seven questions in an interview.

Keeping strict financial records.

Unless your last job was as an accountant, this is likely something you’ve never had to do before. Even if you hire someone to be responsible for your books, it’s still important that you know exactly where funds are being allocated.

Finding a work-life balance.

Especially if you’re coming from a traditional 9-5, work-life balance may not be something you’ve ever had to think about before. But in the franchising world, it’s crucial that you know how to recognize when it’s time to work and when you deserve a few days off.

If you have a passion for dogs, opening your own a Camp Bow Wow may be just what you need to fuel that fire. Contact us at (870) 600-2713 to learn more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack, and don’t forget to request your free executive summary here!