How Cold is Too Cold For Dogs?

Every dog owner knows how important exercise is for their four-legged friend. But when Old Man Winter brings freezing temperatures and inches of snow to your neighborhood, it can be hard knowing whether or not it’s too cold to run around outside.

A Good Rule of Paw is…

Dogs don’t feel the cold quite like us two-legged folks. Typically, they’ll be comfortable so long as the temperature is above 45 degrees F. Once the temperature falls below 40, you should think twice about taking Fido out for long periods of time.

Can Your Pup Handle the Great Outdoors Today?

While they’re all equal in our hearts, not all dogs can handle winter temperatures. When deciding whether or not your pooch can go outside for a little while, think about their:

  • Size/ Weight: Possibly the most important thing to consider is your pup’s size. Smaller dogs are going to feel the cold much faster than larger ones with more weight on them.
  • Coat type: You should also consider their coat. If your large dog has very thin hair, they may get cold quicker than you think.
  • Breed: Some dogs were simply made for the cold. Huskies, St. Bernards, and Mastiffs are just a few breeds that can withstand exceptionally cold temperatures.
  • Activity level: A young, active dog can often keep themself warm by running around while outside. If your pup is older or prefers to sit and watch the world go by, they’ll get cold quicker.

It’s important to remember that these are general rules and may not apply to every pooch. These also only apply to play time and walks — no dog, no matter how large they are, should be left outside all day or for extended periods of time.

Keeping Your Dog Warm

If nature calls and your pup must head outside in cold temperatures, there are a number of ways you can keep him warm.

  • Throw booties on. While many dogs don’t enjoy wearing shoes, there are a few that do. Because pup’s paws are the first to get cold, try to protect them the best.
  • Clothing. A warm sweater may be the extra layer that keeps your pup comfortable on a night time walk.
  • Brush him off once inside. If your pooch rolled around in the snow, brush him off with a clean towel when back inside.

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