Yip, Yip, Hooray! Camp Bow Wow is Up and Running in Hudsonville, Michigan!

Attention residents of Hudsonville, Michigan! Camp Bow Wow Hudsonville recently relocated and expanded. Needless to say, it’s looking pretty “fetching” now!

Located in the Jamestown Commerce Center, near 32nd Ave. and Quincy St., the Camp felt it was time to expand on their existing dog day care facility.

“There is a lot of development activity happening in Jamestown Township, especially in the Jamestown Commerce Center. We couldn’t imagine a better user than Camp Bow Wow for this site,” said Colliers advisor Trent Wieringa, who helped broker the deal.

By relocating and expanding their Camp, the Hudsonville location increased its foot (or should we say, paw) traffic by more than 30 percent!

Now, the Camp can comfortably hold up to 90 dogs per day and offer pet parents and their pooches top-notch amenities. Now, Campers can choose to spend their 8 hours of play a day in the grass yards or the pool.

Pet parents will also be excited to learn that Camp Bow Wow of Hudsonville has 20 employees and comes equipped with video cameras in all play areas so that parents can check on their fur pals whenever they please!

This recent expansion only adds to Camp Bow Wow’s already impressive numbers. Camp Bow Wow is currently the largest pet care service provider in the United States, with over 150 locations nationwide. In Michigan alone, there are 9 open Camps.

Knowing When It’s Time to Expand and Update

Deciding when it’s time to grow your business is no easy feat. While most entrepreneurs love the idea of expanding, it can be a major undertaking and one you don’t want to start if you’re not ready.

It’s time to expand and update if:

  • You have to turn customers away because of a lack of space.
  • Customers are asking you to grow.
  • Your location has been profitable for several years.
  • You’re confident in your employees’ skills and abilities.
  • Your industry is growing.

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