Let’s Say Furwell to Summer With an August Birthday Bash!

The dog days of summer may soon be ending, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to! With so many Camps celebrating another year around the sun, we’re just getting the party started.

Let’s give a round of “appaws” to these summer birthdays!

Happy 1st Birthday!

With the puppy stage officially behind you, we think you deserve to celebrate your first year with a bone-shaped smash cake!

  • 8/12 – Camp Bow Wow Kansas City Westport

Happy 4th Birthday!

Yip, yip, hooray! We’re sending three cheers for four years over your way!

  • 8/23 – Camp Bow Wow Albany

Happy 5th Birthday!

Wishing a romping and rolling good time to these Camps celebrating their fifth year!

  • 8/23 – Camp Bow Wow Baton Rouge
  • 8/30 – Camp Bow Wow Woodstock

Happy 7th Birthday!

Just think, in one more year you’ll be “over the hill” in dog years!

  • 8/24 – Camp Bow Wow San Antonio NW
  • 8/26 – Camp Bow Wow Eatontown

Happy 9th Birthday!

For Camps that are 63 in human years, we think you look pawsitively radiant!

  • 8/8 – Camp Bow Wow Hilliard
  • 8/21 – Camp Bow Wow Lafayette
  • 8/28 – Camp Bow Wow Covington

Happy 10th Birthday!

You’ve officially reached double digits! Now that’s something to bark about.

  • Camp Bow Wow Tonawanda
  • Camp Bow Wow Columbia, MD
  • Camp Bow Wow Nashville

Happy 11th Birthday!

Do you think Camp Cary wished for another year of belly rubs and treats? We sure do!

  • 8/10 – Camp Bow Wow Cary

Happy 13th Birthday!

Welcome to the teenage years!

  • 8/1 – Camp Bow Wow Cincinnati
  • 8/23 – Camp Bow Wow Dallas

Happy 14th Birthday!

We’re so fur-tunate to say that our sixth Camp ever to open is celebrating another year of jumping and playing!

  • 8/16 – Camp Bow Wow Boulder