Why We Love Mixed Breed Dogs

Perhaps the only other day we love as much as National Dog Day is National Mutt Day! Seeing as how mixed breed dogs give us so many reasons to love them, it’s actually celebrated twice a year — July 31, and December 2!

Started just a few years ago in 2005, National Mutt Day, also known as Mixed Breed Dog Day, is all about embracing mixed breed dogs and working to save them.

The Need for National Mutt Day

Sure, National Mutt Days gives us another excuse to post pictures of the adorable pups that come running through our Camps, but it also serves a much more important purpose.

Did you know that roughly 80 percent of dogs living in shelters are mixed breeds? This is because of people’s desire for a purebred puppy. What they don’t realize is that purebred dogs are often over-bred and/ or bred in puppy mills that don’t care for them properly.

What many people don’t realize is that mixed-breed dogs are just as loving, kind, smart, and eager to be adapted as purebred dogs. For that reason, we’re taking this chance to educate everyone on the many reasons why we love mixed-breed dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Why We Love Mutts!

1. Two breeds mean there’s more to love.

With a mix of two dog breeds in one, mutts tend to be incredibly unique in their look and personality. This means you can get a dog with the traditional coloring and look of one breed and the personality of another!

2. They’re less strong-willed.

Because mixed breeds are just that, a mix of two dog breeds, they don’t identify as strongly to one breed or another. Certain purebreds can only survive in certain living conditions, whereas mixed breeds tend to thrive under many conditions.

3. They’re just as competitive.

If you’re looking for a pup that can compete in dog competitions, don’t overlook mutts! From agility to reasoning and speed, mixed breed dogs can compete in a large number of NADAC competitions.

4. They’re intelligent.

Just like a purebred dog, mutts can still act as effective service or therapy dogs. They can even be trained to perform other skills, like bomb and drug detection.

5. You have a wider selection of dogs.

Because so many mixed breed dogs are waiting to be adopted, you have an extensive selection of dogs to choose from. So not only can you find the color and size dog you’re looking for, you can also get one that’s older, if you’re looking to skip the puppy stage.

6. They tend to be less expensive.

It’s so important that all dog owners understand that dogs are an expense, and they shouldn’t adopt one unless they can properly care for it. That being said, mutts tend to be less expensive than purebred dogs because they can be adopted for little to no money and tend to have fewer health issues, which means fewer trips to the vet!

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