Why You Should Focus on Your Campers First

Dog Sitting on Top of Computer Keyboard

Every successful pet care franchise owner knows that placing a strong value on their customers only enhances the success of their business. At Camp Bow Wow, we always focus on putting Campers first, which is one of the ways we became the top dog in the doggy day care and boarding industry. Campers and their parents are the ones who use our services, so both two-legged and four-legged customers are highly valued here. Without them, there would be no Camp Bow Wow.

Here are a few ways we keep Campers and their parents top-of-mind all day, every day:

We treat dogs like members of the family.

We feel that dogs are an important part of the family, and many pet parents across the nation would agree. Dogs provide their pet parents with companionship and unconditional love. They look forward to seeing their parents at the end of the day, and in the meantime, they’re showered with unconditional love at Camp. We treat them like the beloved family members that they are!

We strive to make Camp fun and relaxing.

Camp Bow Wow provides a summer camp-style atmosphere that dogs love. Socialization, exercise, and stimulation are all part of the day-to-day. Dogs are not locked in cages all day. Instead, under the close and caring supervision of our trained Camp counselors, they spend their time away from home romping around our indoor and outdoor play yards with their furry friends.

We offer pet parents peace of mind.

Pet parents have peace of mind knowing that their beloved four-legged family members are in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. And if they happen to worry about their furry loved one during the day, they can always see how much fun they’re having by watching a live stream of their dog’s day on their computer or smartphone. No more feeling guilty about going to work or taking a dog-free family vacation.

Learn about our franchise opportunities!

Good news — there are plenty of franchise opportunities available. The best future franchise owners of Camp Bow Wow are those who are passionate about dogs and who want to provide excellent services to others just as they have experienced. In fact, many times future members of the Pack can be found right within our current customer-base!

Are you our next franchisee? Camp Bow Wow has built its excellent reputation on providing the best care for dogs across North America. To learn how you can join the Camp Bow Wow Pack, fill out the form below to receive your complimentary executive summary, or give us a call at (870) 600-2713.