In The Spotlight: The Top Dog, Heidi Ganahl

Camp Bow Wow isn’t just any old doggy day care and boarding center, and for that we have our Founder and Top Dog, Heidi Ganahl, to thank!

Back in 2000, just five years after the loss of her first husband, Bion, Heidi set out to finish what the two had started back in 1994. At the time, Heidi and Bion were in search of a fun, caring boarding center for their two dogs. They soon realized that most kennels followed the traditional “kennel model,” meaning that their two furry friends would be left lying around on rough concrete floors or confined to chain-link cages all alone for the majority of their stay. As any loving pet parent would agree, that just wouldn’t do for Heidi and her husband.

And so, Camp Bow Wow was born!

Heidi opened the very first Camp Bow Wow in the Denver area just 16 years ago. Today, that single location has grown into a prosperous franchise system with more than 130 units across the U.S. and Canada, taking the pet care industry by storm. In fact, Camp Bow Wow has grown to be recognized as the largest pet care franchise in all of North America. If you’re wondering just how Heidi was able to accomplish such an incredible feat in such a short time frame, the answer is simple: perseverance and a whole lot of passion!

Heidi was set on breaking free from the traditional “kennel model” and starting something new and exciting that would be sought after by pet parents everywhere. She transformed her vision into the ultimate place Where a Dog Can Be a Dog.®, offering plenty of indoor and outdoor play areas for pups to chase tails and frolic with new friends. And of course, she enlisted only the best and most caring dog lovers around to share in her journey along the way.

Most recently, Heidi was elected Regent at the University of Colorado. She also speaks professionally around the country, and in her off-time, can be can be found enjoying the company of her husband Jason, a food aficionado who travels the competitive BBQ circuit, and her four children: Tori, Hollie and twins Jack and Jenna.

For more information about Heidi and the rest of the Camp Bow Wow Leadership Team, click here.