Fire Safety Tips for All Pet Owners

Whether summer, winter, fall, or spring, fire safety is bound to cross your mind even once in a while, but it probably never crosses your pet’s. What most pet owners don’t know is that pets are often the cause of a devastating fire. In 2010, pets were responsible for starting 1,000 fires and nearly 500,000 pets were affected by house fires.

How to Prevent Your Pet From Starting a Fire

Curious pets can start a fire more easily than you’d think.

  • Don’t leave your pet unattended near open flames. Whether it’s the barbecue out back or a fireplace in your home, never leave pets alone around open flames.
  • Cover your stove knobs. Turning your stove off while you’re away may not be good enough. According to the National Fire Protection Association, accidentally turning stovetop knobs are the number one way pets start a fire.
  • Keep candles away from pets. A dog’s wagging tail can easily knock over a candle or brush against the flame. Even if you’re in the room as well, pets should never be in the same room as a lit candle.
  • Don’t place a glass water or food bowl on a wooden deck. Keeping water outside for Fido over the summer is always a good idea — except for if it’s glass. On hot days, the sun’s rays can shine through the glass and start a fire on the deck.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Even if you do everything right, there’s always the small chance a fire can start in your home. If a fire were to start, it’s important your pets are kept safe.

  • Always have a collar on them. If your dog were to run away from home because of a fire, collars and tags will help others identify him and return him safely to you.
  • Install smoke detectors. The best way to prevent a small fire from becoming a big one is by installing smoke detectors.
  • Keep your dog house away from brush and dry grass. In the event of a house fire, your scared pup could run to his home away from home, so it’s important to keep any dry brush or flammable material away from it.
  • Invest in a doggy first aid kit. A kit you can easily grab in the event of a fire could save your pet’s life. In your emergency kit, be sure to include dog food, water, comfort items, hydrogen peroxide, and antibiotic ointment.

Another way to keep your pooch safe? Bring them to Camp Bow Wow! Leaving pets home alone increases their chances of starting a fire or being injured in one.