Traveling With Pets? Camp Bow Wow Tells All With!

Do your New Year’s resolutions include bulking up your travel plans for 2017? If so, you’ll want to ensure your pets are prepared for the journey – be it via plane, car or cruise! Luckily, Camp Bow Wow’s training and behavioral expert, Erin Askeland, met with Denise from SoCal City Kids before the new year to discuss some travel safety tips to keep pets comfortable and calm while on the move. Here’s what she had to say:

The roomier the better. If you had to fly in the cargo hold, or tucked safely under a seat, wouldn’t you like a little extra leg room for the journey? Erin urges pet parents to choose travel accommodations carefully, purchasing crates and carriers that will be as comfortable and spacious as possible.

Introduce carriers slowly. Whether Fido is new to flying, or just hasn’t been aboard in a while, familiarizing him with his crate or carrier early on is a good first step. Erin suggests purchasing a carrier about a month in advance and placing pets inside with treats frequently. This will allow them to become acclimated well before the journey begins.

Take your home on the road. Don’t forget to bring along your pet’s favorite foods, toys and blankets to keep him comfortable during travel. Having familiar items around will help him stay calmer and will alleviate stress for both pets and pet parents alike.

Choose pet-friendly accommodations. Many hotels allow pets to spend the night along with their owners. Do your research to find out which hotels in your area offer the best conditions for your pet – plenty of outdoor space for walks, community dog run areas, etc.

While following these simple tips can help, for some pet parents, taking Fido along for the ride might not be the best idea. After all, we realize that not all travel is for pleasure, and that not all destinations and attractions are pet-friendly.

For those pet parents who can’t take their pet along, there’s always Camp Bow Wow! As the leading doggy day care and boarding center in North America, our franchise owners have the privilege of caring for plenty of fun-loving furry friends on a daily basis. Not only that, but many locations also offer in-home care with our Home Buddies program. That way, pet parents can travel guilt-free, knowing their pets are home safe and being cared for by professionals.

Would you like to set up Camp and provide pet parents in your area with a safe, stress-free place to bring their pups while they’re away? If so, fill out the form below or contact us at 1-877-700-2275 to request your free executive summary.

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