How to Manage Your Camp More Effectively

Do puppies make you melt? Are you looking to dig up some new and exciting opportunities to help you make a strategic career move with confidence? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, we suggest you wag your tail on over to Camp Bow Wow! Our franchisees have enjoyed positive year-over-year same-Camp sales growth — even through the recession.

However, while the pet care industry is definitely booming, with pet owners spending over $66 billion in 2016 on pet-related services, that’s not the only ingredient in our Camp owners’ recipe for success. There’s no doubt about it; managing a Camp can be hard work! For that reason, we’ve compiled a quick list of our favorite tips to help you manage your Camp more effectively in the long run.

Get Down to Business.

Many pet-lovers treat owning a camp as a passion project — which we definitely encourage! However, it’s important to remember that while you may be helping pet parents by providing a loving, caring, doggy daycare and training service, you’re also running a business. Make sure that any decision you make will be beneficial for both your business and your Campers alike.

Save, Save, Save!

As you grow your profits margins, it’s important to also grow your savings to sustain your business in the long-term. Keeping this in mind will ensure you always have a rainy day fund on deck!

Keep Track of Time.

They say “time is money” — and they’re not lying! Make sure you’re always investing your time and energy on tasks that will help grow your bottom line. Devote special attention to tasks that focus on efficiency, help you invest money back into the Camp facilities, and help you upsell and market additional services to existing customers, like dog grooming services for example.

Hire Dog gone Rockstars!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it equally was not built by one man alone. Spoiler alert — your Camp won’t be either. Make sure you’re hiring the best, brightest employees, and biggest dog-lovers around. Surround yourself with those who share your passions and the will to see your Camp succeed.

Don’t Forget to Delegate.

Once you hire those fantastic managers and Camp Counselors, don’t be afraid to delegate important tasks in their direction. Having a team you can trust to handle some of the day-to-day can help you free up time and energy to focus on the big picture items that we mentioned above.

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