6 Tips for Handling Rambunctious Campers

Ask any Camp Counselor when their favorite time of the day is and they’ll probably tell you it’s play time! Nothing warms a dog lover’s heart quite like watching a group of furry friends playing. But what happens when Fido gets a little too excited while playing with his favorite toy?

Luckily for you (and us!), calming a dog down is easier than you think. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of love, you can channel his energy into something positive.

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise! Have you ever felt antsy after sitting too long at your desk or in bed? Dogs can feel the same way! If your furry friend is getting a little too rambunctious it may be because he’s eager to play. Instead of trying to get him to sit or sleep, do just the opposite. A nice, long walk may be exactly what Fido needs.
  • Have a routine. Just like us two-legged creatures, dogs find comfort in consistency. Dogs often become hyperactive when they’re nervous or confused. Having a routine for walks, feedings, and playtime can help keep them calm and from getting too rowdy throughout the day.
  • Teach your old (or young) dog a new trick. Channel Fido’s energy into something positive by teaching him a new trick. Not only does this occupy your four-legged friend in the moment, but it helps prevent future bursts of energy by teaching him how you and the world expect him to behave.
  • Embrace smart toys. We’re not the only ones who enjoy gadgets and gizmos; your pup likes them too! While we’ll never fully retire the beloved bouncy ball or rope toy, smart toys challenge a dog to learn while they play.
  • Bring them somewhere calm. Dogs respond to their environment. If people and children are running around, jumping, and playing, they’ll want to run around, jump, and play, too! Sitting with your pup for a few minutes in a quiet room can help them relax and unwind.
  • Set up a playdate. Socializing is so important for pets, both with other dogs and people. The more they interact with other humans and K9s, the less hyper they’ll be when they meet new friends down the road.

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