6 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

From walks along sandy beaches to late afternoon hikes, summer may be the best time to be a dog owner. But among all of that action and adventure, don’t forget to show your dog a little extra TLC. During the summer, dogs (especially larger ones with thick or long hair) are at a greater risk for heat stroke, dehydration, and sunburn.

When temperatures start to rise, keep your pooch safe by:

Never leaving him in the car.

Unfortunately, it’s something we see on the news every summer — someone left their dog in the car while they ran into a store. Because it takes only a few minutes (yes, minutes!) for a dog to develop heat stroke, you should never leave him in the car.

Protecting him from mosquitos and ticks.

Known to cause everything from a rash to Lyme disease, parasites are something no pet owner or pet want’s to deal with. Keep your four-legged friend tick-free this summer by keeping him away from unfamiliar terrain and always checking him for ticks and mosquitos before heading inside.

Having fresh drinking water ready for him at all times.

Just like you need a sip of water on hikes and jogs around the neighborhood, so does your dog! Whenever you travel (even in the car) always have extra water on hand for your pet.

Protecting his paws.

Their body may be covered in fur, but their paws are in many ways just as sensitive as our skin. Just like you wouldn’t walk barefoot across an asphalt street in the middle of summer, don’t ask your furry friend to.

Letting him splash in the water…

Splish, splash! Let your pup enjoy some safe fun in the sun by giving him his very own “puppy pool.” But remember, no matter how big or small the pool is, never leave your dog unattended in water.

…But never assuming he can swim.

Sure, it may be called the “doggy paddle,” but there are many dogs out there that can’t swim. Before you let your furry friend jump into the deep end, make sure he can swim well and can get in and out of the pool safely.

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