5 Reasons Dogs Love Camp Bow Wow

Whimpering will be a thing of the past when you take your pooch to Camp Bow Wow! Unlike traditional doggy day care services, Camp Bow Wow caters to your pooch’s needs and truly makes them feel at home — with the addition of their closest four-legged pals! Instead of following the traditional ideology of dog care services, our furry clients (and their humans) are always in our best interest. Here are just a few reasons why dogs love attending Camp Bow Wow:

Reason 1: Make New Friends

Unlike their humans, most furry children aren’t on social media (or they don’t operate their own accounts, at least), and have a tougher time meeting other pups within their neighborhood to play with. When your fur baby attends Camp Bow Wow, they’ll meet other pups who love playing, running and eating, just like them! Think of camp as the nursery school Fido couldn’t enter!

Reason 2: Relieve their Boredom

When most pooches are left to play at home alone while you’re at work, they tend to get bored very easily. Despite the endless amount of toys in their playroom, dogs get tired of the same old routine. At Camp Bow Wow, campers will have the time of their lives with the endless activities we have to offer them such as walks and so much more!

Reason 3: Run, Run, Run

One of the most important aspects of Camp Bow Wow is that all campers get in a little exercise each and every day. This not only is a benefit for their overall health, but it relaxes your pooch with their separation anxiety, and helps them maintain their healthy figure, too. Trust us: our campers tell us how much they love to run around!

Reason 4: Overcome Stage Fright

Although fur babies tend to be very outgoing, sometimes that isn’t the case when interacting with other humans. With our excellent team of skilled camp counselors, they know what to expect from Fido and will help him overcome his stranger anxieties day-by-day. Sooner or later your pooch will start hosting lavish banquets in your home, and will invite their new friends both big and small!

Reason 5: Memories that Last

Usually when your pooch attends a doggy daycare, it’s more of a babysitting service. When your little pal attends Camp Bow Wow, we make them feel valued at the start! From celebrating birthdays and milestones, your furry child will feel the love — and it will definitely show!

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