Working While You’re Retired — It’s Not an Oxymoron, It’s the New Trend

Man Holding Small Dog

Most people can’t wait for the days when they can relax all afternoon and go to sleep without setting an alarm. But many retirees will tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be — honestly!

Take Lee Franklin and his wife, Kristl. Lee was in corporate accounting for more than 30 years and his wife was a published author and scriptwriter for more than 20 years. After a few months of retirement, they realized that the “do nothing” lifestyle wasn’t for them.

After visiting a Camp Bow Wow Camp, they realized that this was what had been missing in their life. Fast forward a few years and the couple now proudly owns a Camp in the North Oak Ridge Business Park!

The two have described the business as a perfect fit for them. As franchise owners, they’re able to create their own work schedule, meaning they still get a few of the perks of “retired life.”

Is Retirement Really a Time for Relaxation?

According to many Americans, relaxing is one of the last things on their mind after they retire! Rather than do nothing, most people want to spend their later years doing things they enjoy.

In a study titled Leisure in Retirement: Beyond the Bucket List, it was discovered that:

  • 88% of retirees believe retirement is a time for new beginnings and adventures.
  • 53% of retirees have “hardly planned out” what they will do during retirement.
  • 92% of retirees say that retirement will provide them with the freedom to finally do what they want in life.

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