Learning to Be a Responsible Dog Owner with Camp Bow Wow

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our favorite day, paws down — National Dog Day! While we like to think every day is National Dog Day, each August 26th brings to light the love dogs give us and the love they deserve back.

Below are some of Nina Wager’s tips, from Camp Bow Wow Prairieville, for being a dog owner worth barking about!

  • Think of a new pup like a newborn baby. They need to be potty-trained, comforted throughout the night, and taught right from wrong. But don’t worry— we can tell you from experience that it’s all worth it in the end!
  • If your pup were to ever get out of the house, ensure they’re safely returned by microchipping them and fitting them with a collar with your contact information on it.
  • Think about a lot more than just looks when adopting a dog. Before signing on the dotted line, you should also ask about a breed’s food, sleep, and exercise needs, as well as their strength and eventual size. If you have a busy schedule and live in a small apartment, a high-energy, large dog probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Being a responsible owner actually starts before you even become a dog owner. Before you head to your local shelter in search of your perfect pooch, remember that:

  • Dogs and other pets are a financial obligation. If you can’t afford emergency care, preventative care, food, and toys, now might not be the right time to get a pet.
  • Dogs and pets are also a time commitment. Are you able to walk your pup regularly? Can you be there in the morning to let them out?

But lucky for you (and your pups) having a busy life doesn’t have to take being a dog owner completely off the table! With Camp Bow Wow, pet parents can feel comfortable going on vacation or to work knowing their pooches are being cared for and are getting plenty of love and exercise!

Do you want to help pet parents in your local market have a safe place to bring their dogs to rest, play and learn? If so, fill out the form below to receive a complimentary executive summary, or give us a call at (870) 600-2713.