Put Your Paws Together — We’re Celebrating September Camp Birthdays!

Sure, the weather may start getting cooler and the days shorter, but we’ve still got plenty of reasons to wag our tails around here! With every passing year, it’s safe to say that we fall (get it?) more in love with these September babies!

Puppy smiling in leaves

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Cheers to three full years of running with the Pack! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

  • 9/18 Camp Bow Wow Katy

Happy 8th Birthday!

“Is everyone okay with a cheese hat paw-ty?”

  • 9/30 Camp Bow Wow Waukesha

Happy 9th Birthday!

Fetch us some confetti and streamers because Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas is another year older (and another year wiser)!

  • 9/17 Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas

Happy 11th Birthday!

Wow — each one of you has more than a decade of romping and running under your collar! Talk about a reason to wag your tail!

  • 9/13 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh South
  • 9/20 Camp Bow Wow Elmwood Park
  • 9/26 Camp Bow Wow Parker

Happy 12th Birthday!

…Or should we say, 84th birthday! But if you ask us, we don’t think you look a day over 21!

  • 9/25 Camp Bow Wow Burnsville

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