5 Clever Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Halloween is only a week or so away — or Howl-o-ween, as all of us at Camp Bow Wow like to call it! If there’s one thing we look forward to more than the treats, it’s the cute and clever costumes that our Campers go trick-or-treating in. Move over cliché pumpkin costumes, and make way for some of our favorite pup-gear for our favorite day of the year!

1. Grandma Wolf

Little red riding hood is such a staple costume, but what’s a little red without her counterpart? Remember when that big bad wolf pretended to be Granny? Well, now your big bad wolf can too! All you need is a pair of pink dog pajamas (yes, they exist!), a shower cap with cut out ears and a pair of old glasses on a string.

2.CBO (Chief Barketing Officer)

Make use of an old button down and tie with this super simple costume idea. Simply cut out the collar and wrist cuffs and button them on Fido. Add a tie or bow tie, and you’ve got yourself a pretty professional pooch! (P.s. We’ve got our very own Chief Barketer too — Julie Turner!)

3. Pup-tini

Everyone’s got at least one “cone-of-shame” lying around, or perhaps your pup is in recovery mode while trick-or-treating. Either way, why not get some extra use out of it? Simply spray three styrofoam balls green with a red dot for your olives, skew them on a dowel, and sit it in your dog’s cone. And, there you have it — a the most delicious pup-tini you ever did see!

4. Woof-asa

Who hasn’t seen The Lion King? What better way to let your pup rule the roost than by making him into the leader of the pack — Mufasa! All you need is a dog-friendly lion mane and you’re good to go.

5. Beanie Baby Puppy

If Fido isn’t one for all the frill, just tie a big old Ty® Beanie Baby tag around his collar and voila! You’ve got yourself a real live stuffed animal — and a cute one at that.

How are you and your Campers celebrating Howl-o-ween? We’d love to see some of your favorite outfits this year posted to our Facebook page.

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