3 Ways Pet Parents Can Clean Their Dog’s Teeth At Home

Did you know that fur babies have more teeth than we do? That’s why it’s very important to make sure they’re clean at all times, no matter how difficult the task may seem. So, if your Camper needs a little bit of a tooth cleaning and you’re not sure where to start, here are some simple at-home solutions you can try to give them the fresh breath they deserve!

#1: Sweet Treats

One of the most popular ways to clean your furbaby’s teeth is with some dental treats! Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these tasty bone-like goodies can help keep your pup’s teeth clean. Made with an assortment of safe tooth-cleaning ingredients, a doggy dental treat will help prevent plaque buildup and will even give your Camper some fresh breath, too!

#2: Toothy Toys

If you’re concerned about your furbaby leaving a trail of sweet treats around your home, have you thought about giving them a toothy toy? Manufactured in either texturized nylon or rubber, these toys are a great way to remove plaque buildup and can be considered a fun toothbrush for your pal! When you’re searching for the perfect toothy toy, always check to see if the product is BPA-free, since that will ensure that your furbaby is chewing their way to a clean smile safely.

#3: Hard Food

Another simple way to clean your pooch’s teeth is to give them hard food, rather than soft food. When your furbaby eats canned food and treats, the meal’s residue has a tendency to stick on the gums — ultimately creating plaque buildup. In addition to hard food being the better meal alternative for your pooch, it can also help keep their mouth cleaner since no food particles will remain to create bad breath. Think about how clean your Camper’s teeth will look. They’ll be sparkling like their water bowl!

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