3 Fall Tips All Dog Owners Should Know

Fall is the paw-fect time of year, especially if you’re a dog owner! From fun autumnal festivals to frolicking through the leaves, Fido will be wagging his tail at every chance given! Although this is a bright and awesome season, there are some fall elements that should be kept out of your fur baby’s reach. If you’re not sure what Fido can and can’t do, then here are some helpful tips you should always keep in mind:

Tip 1: Apples Aren’t Appeasing

Although you may be quite the fan of apples, they’re actually quite harmful to your pooch. Believe it or not, it’s not so much the apple itself that poses immediate danger to your fur baby, but the apple’s stem/seeds that can be quite a problem. If you plan on slicing apples for a homemade apple pie, then we suggest you keep all scraps away from your pup!

Tip 2: Cautious Candy

Since the autumnal season is a time for candy, dessert and other sweet treats, it’s important to keep them away from your pooch at all times. Unlike their human parents, fur babies can’t digest a variety of delectable goodies and can even pose as a serious danger to their vital organs. If you feel inclined to reward your canine with a sweet treat, stick to traditional dog treats — since this is a much safer alternative!

Tip 3: Hazardous Homework

Do your kids have homework laying around the house? In addition to Fido possibly munching on their history assignments, materials used to complete projects such as glue and pencils are extremely hazardous to their health. If your kids are completing a project or homework, make sure that all supplies kept are out of Fido’s reach! This will prevent your pooch from being tempted to munch on the unexpected!

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