3 Ways To Make Your Franchise Stand Out

Owning your own Camp can be one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. On top of spending the day with your furry campers, the franchisee lifestyle brings upon a ton of benefits you can’t find anywhere else! But whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just a puppy in the world of franchising, there’s always much to learn! Check out a few ways that you can make your franchise stand out from the competition, and as a premier location where pet parents from all over will love coming to!

Build It Around Employees

One of the best ways to make your Camp or franchise standout amongst the rest is to mold your employees from day one. Teaching them everything from the basics of what it means to be part of the Pack, to advanced communication skills with both clients and management is a key to success. Everyone will remember and prefer to bring their pets to you — and your staff is going to play a big role in that.

Keep It Fresh

One of the main things to keep in mind is the appearance of your camp from both the outside and the inside! Make sure that the location looks clean when people are driving by, as well as keeping things like shrubbery out of the way of signs that help navigate people to the location. On the inside, keep it clean everywhere from the main entrance to the play areas! The little things will keep your Camp highly regarded in your location.

Get Involved!

The pet community is huge, and nearly half of the homes in America have a canine of their own. When community events such as street fairs and benefit charities are occurring, see what you can do to get involved! Whether it’s a donation to the cause or setting up a table at the event, nothing is better than showing your community that you care! This is what can set you apart from the rest!

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