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  • Signs Your Pup Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety, & How To Help Them

    We know these last few months have been new for all of us, including our pets. Dogs have spent every moment with their owners from ...

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  • Corgi having his or her head dried after a bath

    Why Grooming Your Dog Is Good For Their Health

    We all have incredibly busy lives. Sometimes an activity like dog grooming can seem like a chore. You might even think that ...

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  • 5 Benefits Of Grooming

    When we think of grooming, do you think of gorgeous poodles with fancy updos? We may think grooming is all about the looks of our ...

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  • The Importance Of Grooming

    At a glance, you may think grooming is all about making your dog look show ready. We're here to tell you the importance of ...

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  • New Training Classes Are Here!

    Each class size is limited to six dogs. The cost of each 6-week course is $120. A 25% deposit is required to hold a spot for all ...

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