Delaware North Reservations


  • We offer Day Camping all days except for 7 major holidays. Major holidays are: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • On major holidays New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day we are open split hours: 7:30-10:30 am and 3:30- 6:15 pm
  • On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve we close at 6:45 (1 hour early)
  • On other holidays (like New Year’s Day, Labor Day and others) we are open 7:30 am - 6:15 pm. Signs will be posted at Camp.


  • Reservations are required for overnight Camping. Please request reservations on-line via the website or the App. We will e-mail you a confirmation. We do our best to accommodate late reservations, but please do not expect it.
  • A single night deposit is required for all boarding reservations
    • We will charge last card used unless instructed otherwise. If you wish to use another card or have not used a card at Camp recently please call Camp at 302-738-2267.
    • Deposits will be refunded if the stay is cancelled at least
      • By noon the day before check in date when reservation is not within 4 days of a major holiday or
      • By noon 4 days before check in date when reservation is within 4 days of a major holiday.
      • Please confirm pick-up date at drop-off. If you return early and let us know by noon the day before pick-up we will not charge for the unused night(s). If you pick up early and do not let us know by noon the day before you are to pay for all of the nights reserved
  • We encourage people to make boarding reservations via the website or app as far in advance as possible. Please do not call for boarding reservations unless you need to provide updated credit card information.
    • We send email confirmations for app and website requests. Requests are entered manually and usually responded to within 24 hours. We will call people on the wait list when we have cancellations.
    • If the start of the reservation is less than 3 weeks away all vaccinations must be current. The reservation will entered if the start of the reservation is more than 3 weeks out, but it will be cancelled 10 days before check in if current vaccinations are not provided. We do have automatic e-mail vaccination and reservation reminders, but we are not responsible for making sure your system receives them or that you read them.
    • Please email a photo or forward an updated vet vaccination statement to and we will enter the updates for you. These emails are read daily and we will confirm update was entered and reservation is confirmed.
  • Safety and Camper happiness are our first priority and we know owners share these values. Most Campers are a LOT more comfortable if they are in Camp play yards at least twice before spending the night. We require the free interview day and at least one additional half day before an overnight. Owners may use one of the discounted days in one of the Warm-up Packages. We promise your Camper will be happier & less stressed once they acclimate to Camp and you will be more at ease knowing they are more comfortable. If your dog has not been to Camp in over 13 months the dog will need another full or ½ day of day care so we can be sure they will be comfortable and enjoy their overnight stay with us.
  • Daycare is FREE on drop off day. Please drop off early so you Camper has a chance to play
    - Weekend boarders must be in before 2 pm so we can get them some play time and Cabins/meals all set up.
    - Goal is to have all weekday boarders in by 4 pm. All MUST be dropped off by 5:30. If           dropping off by 5:30, Campers must be fed dinner and all meals pre-measured into meal sized baggies.
  • Please bring ONLY amount of food needed for your Camper’s stay. We do not have space to keep large bags or food bins and must ask owners to take excess food and/or bins with them. We do appreciate owners that pre-bag each meal.
  • Bedding must fit on a 3.5 by 2.5 foot cot. Cots are provided for each Camper and Camper cot mats are free if requested. Owners will be required to take larger bedding with them if brought to Camp; we have no place to store it.
  • The Holiday 2-night minimum and rates:
    • Easter weekend (Friday - Sunday nights)
    • Memorial Day weekend (Fri., Sat., and Sun. nights)
    • July 1 - July 6
    • Thanksgiving (the night before Thanksgiving through the following Sunday morning)
    • 12/23-27 (from two nights preceding Christmas Day and including the night of Dec. 26.)
    • If only a single night is desired during these times the two-night minimum charge will be applied for the single night. We also have in-home care services available on these dates for those not needing two nights.
    • Hours on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are 7:30-10:30 am and 3:30-6:15 pm. We are closed in the middle of the day on these dates so our team may have some family time on major holidays.
    • The holiday/summer-weekend rate (additional $5/night/dog) also  applies 
      - Friday - Sunday nights on both Martin Luther King and President’s weekends;
      - Friday and Saturday nights starting the Friday before Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day, and New Year’s Eve
  • All owners of multiple dogs that want the dogs to share a cabin will need to sign a form acknowledging the information below. We will NOT allow Cabin sharing if:  
    - There is any type of hostility between the dogs. This includes meal time tension.  
    - The dogs do not continuously reside at the same address. 
    -  Feeding rates or temperaments are unbalanced and could result in one dog meal eating more than their own meal. OR 
    -  Dogs are eating different foods and switch bowls during mealtimes.  
    Please note: We do NOT put meds in the bowls and assume the right dog gets the meds.
  • Sudden changes in a dog’s food usually cause loose stools – dogs don’t complain, but this may be uncomfortable. Since we want dogs to feel good and have fun, we charge $2 per night for house meals.
  • We will do all we can to keep your dog safe and happy – please let us know if any special requests. In case something should happen, please make sure we have the name(s) and number(s) for people that
    • may be contacted for care of your dog(s) in case of emergency and
    • will be in the area when you are away.
  • Please let us know if you’d like to add Enrichment sessions for your pup. See next page.

Things to bring:

  • Dog Food. See above. We measure each meal.
  • Medications. Please bring meds in original bottles. We do not charge for dispensing meds.
  • We have free cots & fuzzy blankets, but you may bring a small dog bed (<2.5 by 3.5 foot), blanket or towel if you like.
  • Owners are required to provide a quick release collar and a name-tag. We have collars & tags for sale at reasonable prices for customer convenience.
  • All pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.


  • Please make sure your Camper(s) wear quick release (pinch to open) collars and name tags to Camp. We have very good quality, reasonably priced quick release collars for sale in the lobby.
  • Safety is our top priority. If we are at capacity we will make a post on our Facebook page and not be able to take in more day Campers.
  • A high level of activity may increase the probability of bloat. For the safety of your Camper, we do not serve lunches to dogs over 6 months old unless there is a medical reason to do so.
  • If you'd like your Day Camper to have a nap please ask, we will do so if there is a cabin available. During the summer and holidays, we may not have open cabins for naps.
  • All Campers must be on a topical or monthly oral flea/tick preventative. Flea collars are not allowed because (1) dogs mouth other dog's collars and we don't want dogs ingesting anything from a flea collar and (2) they cannot be released quicky if a dog gets caught in another's flea collar. If dogs come with flea collars we will put them with leashes until pick up time.
  • All pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.


  • No package refunds after 30 days from date of purchase.
  • For day care package refunds within 30 days, days used will be charged at a full day or half-day rate.
  • Packages expire one year from purchase date any days not used will be forfeited.
  • All pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.



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