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Delaware North Overnight Dog Boarding Services

Enjoy Peace of Mind While You’re on the Go

At Camp Bow Wow Delaware North, a premier dog boarding facility, Overnight Campers enjoy all-day play and are tucked away each night in their individual Cabins where they sleep on cozy cots with fleece blankets. As the sun sets, each Camper unwinds by enjoying a delicious Campfire TreatTM.

Safety is Our Top Priority

We’re proud to be recognized for our incredibly high safety standards as well as for our:

  • Certified Camp Counselors® who are extensively trained in dog behavior, CPR, and pet first aid
  • Assurance that all our Campers have passed the Camper Interview, are spayed or neutered, and are current on vaccinations. Learn about our Bordetella policy.
  • Live webcams that let you monitor your pup from your computer or mobile device
dog with Camp Bow Wow employee

A Paw above the Rest

Your dog is your family – at Camp Bow Wow Delaware North, we understand that. As dog lovers ourselves, we take your pup’s care very seriously. That’s why we think of ourselves as so much more than just a dog boarding service. We are here to provide love and support for your furry family member while you are away—filling that gap as best we can until your return.

Our Enrichment Model

Dogs need physical, mental and emotional stimulation in order to live a happy and healthy life. While your pup is at Camp, they’ll experience all-day play that emphasizes enrichment. Daily sensory stimulation during group play improves the physical and mental well-being of Campers by:

  • Stimulating natural instincts
  • Providing a mental workout in addition to physical exercise
  • Creating a well-rounded experience

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We’ll do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy and healthy during Overnight Camp and you can feel confident knowing your dog will be well-cared for during their stay in our safe and secure environment.

Each Camper is required to

  • Pass a (free) socialization interview and spend at least one more 1/2 day before an overnight stay.
  • Be spayed or neutered if over 7 months old.
  • Be current on rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccinations. If the bordetella vaccination has never been given or has expired a waiting period is needed so dogs can build immunity before coming to Camp. The waiting periods are:
    • one-week period after receiving the injectable or oral vaccination
    • 48-hours is required after receiving the intranasal vaccination
    • We strongly recommend Campers get bordetella boosters every 6 months no matter what type of administration their vet uses. This gives Campers added immunity and has been shown to reduce symptom severity if exposed. Staff dogs that come to Camp are required to follow this 6 month booster policy.
  • Strongly consider the Canine Influenza Vaccine. Canine Influenza is serious and can make dogs very ill. Please consult with your vet and/or visit the American Veterinary Medical Association CIV FAQ site.
  • Be on a monthly flea and tick medication. Oral or topical types are preferred; flea/tick collars are not allowed at Camp because they cannot be removed quickly in case of emergency. If you use a flea/tick collar it will be kept with your dog's leash while the dog is at Camp.
  • Come into camp wearing a quick release collar (pinch to open) and a name tag - these are required for safety. We sell quick release collars and name tags at low prices for owner convenience. If a Camper comes in without both of these and owner does not purchase them at drop off, we will select a collar ($8 or less) and/or make a name tag for $10 and charge the owner.
  • Be owned at least 10 days by the person bringing them to Camp. We want the best for each dog. Dogs must feel loved and settled into their new homes. Transitions are very disruptive for dogs and we don’t want Camp to be overwhelming. We offer in-home pet care and dog walking to help you care for your new dog until they may come to Camp.
  • We require a FREE interview day and at least one additional 1/2 day (not free) prior to boarding. These two days REALLY help dogs become comfortable at Camp. We want every Camper to enjoy their stay with us and these two adjustment times help tremendously. Owners may use one of the discounted days in the warm-up package for the additional day.
  • Dogs need to be dropped off 3 hours before close so they can play a bit and we can get the Cabin and meals all set up for them.
  • Not come to Camp if coughing. We do all we can to prevent coughs and all other transmittable canine situations. If your dog has a cough, please do not bring the dog to Camp for at least 14 days after the dog stops coughing. Dogs can shed viruses after the symptoms end and we want to do all we can to stop the spread. Thank you for your cooperation and please let us know if you think you dog could have been exposed at Camp. We do track illnesses so we can take appropriate steps.


  • We offer Day Camping all days except for 6 major holidays. Major holidays are: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. On these days we will be open 7:30-10:30 am and 3:30-6:15pm for boarder drop off and pick up only.
  • We typically operate weekend hours (7:30 am to 6:15 pm) on other holidays like President's Day, some dates near 7/4, Labor Day and others. We will have signs at Camp before these weekends and post updates.
  • Due to the number of overnight Campers near major holidays, we are no longer able to offer 1/2-day day care on:

    Good Friday - Easter Sunday
    July 2nd-5th
    The day before Thanksgiving through the following Sunday
    Christmas Eve through the day after Christmas

We will close one hour early (6:45pm) on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

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Camp Bow Wow Delaware North

301 Ruthar Drive
Newark, DE 19711

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All-Inclusive Pricing

Your pup will be occupied with fun from dawn to dusk. Our Campers enjoy playing all day and end each night in their individual Cabins on comfy cots with fleece blankets. We even provide them with a Campfire Treat™ each night. You can rest assured they are having just as much—if not more—fun than you. With Camp Bow Wow, you get the best care at the best value because your pup's day of Camp includes:

  • All Day Play
  • Live Web Cams
  • Spacious Play Yards
  • Medicine Administration
  • Check In/Out Anytime During Camp Hours
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Counselors
  • Lots of TLC!
  • Daily Sensory Stimulation
  • Welcome Packages Price

    Package of Five 1-hour Behavior Modification sessions at dog’s home

    Package must be paid in advance and is good 1 year from date of purchase. Packages are not refundable.

    $650 for five 1-hour sessions
  • Overnight Camp Service Price

    Interview Day

    Required free assessment prior to first day or overnight stay. No Processing Fees. No Application Fees. Complimentary full day of day camp!


    Boarding (dates not near major holidays)

    Day Care included in all overnight stays. Another dog from the same household may share a cabin if they share meals peacefully. Price for the second dog sharing a Cabin is $43/night.


    Holiday Boarding

    Day care included in all overnight stays. The 2-night minimum and holiday rates apply: the Friday before Easter until Easter morning, the Friday before Memorial Day through Memorial Day, the nights of July 2 - 5, the night before Thanksgiving through the Saturday morning after, the nights of Dec. 23 - 26. Rates for dates on either side of these dates are $54/night. The holiday rates (an additional $5/dog/night) will apply to multiple dogs sharing a Cabin and all dogs staying on New Year’s Eve.


    Agility & Fun

    Trainers work on two pieces of equipment and one trick of owners choice each weekday. 10 and 30 minute sessions for $10/minute.

  • Dog Boarding Packages Price

    10+ Nights

    A 10% discount is applied when a dog stays 10 consecutive nights. This cannot be applied to (already discounted) rates for two dogs from same household sharing a cabin.

    10% Discount
  • Play & Train Sessions Price

    One 30 min Session with Trainer

    One of our trainers will be happy to work with your pup on the behaviors you'd like to see improved. Owners are to specify what to focus on during the sessions.


    Pack of 5- 30 min. Sessions

    One of our trainers will be happy to work with your pup on the behaviors you'd like to see improved. Owners are to specify what to focus on during the sessions. These can carryover to future stays if all not done during this stay.

  • Grooming Options Price

    Bath/Towel-Dry & Nail Trim (less than 1/2 inch coats only): Dogs Up to 30 lbs


    Bath/Towel-Dry & Nail Trim (less than 1/2 inch coats only): Dogs 30lbs or more


    Bath/Brush/Blow-Dry & Nail Trim, Dogs Up to 15 lbs.


    Bath/Brush/Blow-Dry & Nail Trim, Dogs 16-30 lbs


    Bath/Brush/Blow-Dry & Nail Trim, Dogs 30-45 lbs


    Bath/Brush/Blow-Dry & Nail Trim, Dogs 45-80 lbs.


    Bath/Brush/Blow Dry & Nail Trim: Dogs 80 lbs or more


    Nail Trim

  • Individual Enrichment Price

    Play Pals

    One-on-one time with a Camp Counselor to play Camper’s favorite game (i.e. fetch or tug)

    $10/ 10 mins

    Snuggle Time

    One-on-one time with a Camp Counselor for extra belly rubs and head scratches

    $10/ 10 mins

    Sniff & Seek

    One-on-one time with a Camp Counselor to engage Camper’s curiosity and natural instincts

    $10/ 10 mins

    Package of 10 sessions (OK to mix and match Play, Snuggles & Sniff)

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