How to Take Good Pictures of Your Dog

So many pup parents can relate to the sentiment of having thousands of pictures of their dog in their photo library, with rows and rows of memories. Sometimes by chance, we get that picture perfect shot of our pup, and other times they are doing something cute, and the picture doesn’t turn out quite as we would like.

At Camp Bow Wow we love sharing pictures of our Campers and we have put together some of our best tips of how to take a good picture of your dog!

This is a great checklist to run through in your head when attempting to get your dream shot of your dog:

  1. Get down on their level.

    Many of us are taller than our pups and the birds-eye view doesn’t always capture the detail we would like. undefined
  2. Natural light is always best.

    Most professional photographers would agree if you can take advantage of natural light outdoors or inside through a window that tends to be more flattering than darker and warm-toned artificial lighting. Bonus points if you get a snapshot during golden hour! undefined
  3. Grab their attention.

    We love our candids and action shots where the subject appears to not even know the photo is being taken- but there is something to be said about getting a dog to look directly into your lens. Get your pup's focus through holding their favorite toy or treat close to your lens when snapping your photos. Giving them a treat when they do a good job helps reinforce their cooperative behavior. undefined
  4. Try a variety of poses.

    ​​​​​​We all have a bunch of sweet pictures of our pups sleeping since it’s a cute and an easy shot to get. Like the chill sleeping pics, try getting photos of your four-legged friend in natural relaxed poses- sitting, laying down, standing still, etc. After you’ve mastered the portrait poses, try getting the action shots when your dog is running around, playing fetch, swimming, and any other fun activity. These shots can be harder to capture, but you may be surprised at how they turn out when you give it some time. undefined undefined
  5. Take a lot of pictures.

    Especially when taking photos with motion, taking batches of photos at once or using a burst feature, (if your device has it) can help you get the perfect shot. The process can entail weeding through and narrowing down the best pictures, but of 100 duds if you have one captivating photo of your pup it’s worth it! undefinedundefined

There are many more rules of photography and best practices you can consider when taking pictures of your dog- if you even implement a couple of the basic tips mentioned above, you will see a noticeable difference in your photos!