Dog-Safe Household Cleaning

If giving your home a deep clean is on your to-do list, then it might be a good time to go through your cleaning products and make sure they are safe for your dog. Some of the most well-known cleaning solutions are harmful to the pups in our home and we don’t even realize it.

Let’s start by breaking down the harmful ingredients to look out for:

• Triclosan
• Formaldehyde
• Phenols
• Sodium Hydroxide
• Isopropyl alcohol
• Chlorine
• Phthalates
• Ammonia
• Triclosan
• Butoxyethanol
• Perchloroethylene (PERC)

Especially if ingested, these chemicals can be toxic to your dog.

For all the pups out there that try to sneak a drink from the toilet, be mindful- toilet bowl cleaners and bleach are some of the most harmful household cleaners. You can swap out these cleaners for your toilet bowl all together or be sure to always close the lid of your toilet bowl to curb your dog’s access.

Another one is laundry detergents- when washing your dog’s bed, toys, blankets, and pillows, residue is left behind from detergent and fabric softeners that can cause harm to your pet if chewed on or licked. A quick fix here can be ditching the fabric softener all together (there is evidence pointing to it also not being great for your washing machine’s health) and replacing laundry detergent containing harmful chemicals with a natural detergent option.

Also on the list of most harmful household cleaners for pets- oven cleaners, drain cleaners, disinfectants, and floor cleaners. Dogs love to lick their paws and if they walk across a freshly cleaned floor before its fully dry, they can easily become exposed to toxic chemicals from floor cleaner residue. If your dog is on the curious and mischievous side, puppy-proofing your cleaning product storage can also be away to prevent an accidental run in with toxic chemicals.

Disinfectants, bleach, air freshers, and other potent household cleaners can have harsh effects on our pets when they are in the air and inhaled. If you choose to use these cleaners you need to properly ventilate the room(s) you are using them in and keep your pet in a safe area away from the space you are cleaning.

Taking it a step further:


There are systems you can put in place to prevent your dog from ever making contact with harmful householder cleaners in your home, but if you choose to completely alleviate the risk, there are some great non-toxic alternatives!

At Camp Bow Wow we have many safety protocols in place to keep the Campers happy and healthy during their visits, and part of the safety protocol is using dog-safe non-toxic cleaning solutions like Rescue (vet grade) disinfectants and Spartan’s Kennel Odor Eliminator when sanitizing in the play yards, Cabins, and the rest of the facility.


If you are looking to implement a similar cleaning product standard in your home, you can start by finding replacements for the harsh cleaning solutions with their alternatives that are labeled “non-toxic”, “pet-safe”, “natural”, “ecofriendly”, etc. Once you’ve identified the options available, look at their ingredients lists to ensure that their “pet-safe” claims are accurate.

When specifically looking for a solution to clean up after your dog or your dog’s personal items, look for enzymatic formulas, a popular one being Nature’s Miracle, to fully breakdown remnants of urine, vomit, blood, or feces while being safe for pets. Even if you refresh your entire cleaning cabinet with pet-safe alternatives, be sure to still keep the cleaners out of your pet's reach to avoid even a minor sickness from ingestion.

If you are cleaning your carpets, don’t overlook the ingredients in your upholstery and carpet cleaners too. Opting for a non-toxic or natural alternative for your carpet deep cleans can help mitigate risk where your pets are involved.

Finally, add the garage or outdoor storage to the list of places to puppy-proof. Our garages store vehicle maintenance care solutions like oil, windshield cleaners, and antifreeze (can be lethal to dogs if ingested) so be sure to triple check they are out of your dog’s reach and stored responsibly. Same goes for your any outdoor solution for gardening, lawn care, insect deterrent, etc. keep these inaccessible to your pets to avoid harmful ingestion and/or contact.


Prioritizing your dog’s health and safety when choosing your household cleaners is important while also restricting access to ANY household cleaners to avoid mishaps even if they are more on the minor side from a pet-safe cleaning solution. Do your research, cross-reference the list of harmful chemicals on ALL products (including those marketed as “pet-safe”) and keep your pup away from any areas while they are being cleaned with any solution.