What to Know Before Bringing Your Pup to the Office

three people sitting in office around table one is petting a dog

Bringing your pup to work is becoming an increasingly popular perk for corporate employees. But before you run out and buy your work buddy a new collar and ID tag, there are a few things you should know.

Bringing Your Dog to Work

Everyone loves a bring-your-pup to work day! While your furry friend likely loves getting to explore your office space, you’ll need to schedule some outside time throughout the day to give them a break from the enclosed environment. Give your dog some time throughout the day to use the restroom, stretch their legs, and soak up the sunshine.

Your pup may be uneasy at first as they spend time in a new environment. Ease their nerves by packing a briefcase full of their favorite toys from home, treats, a bed, and bowls for food and water. These items will help your pet stay comfortable and content all day as they sit by your side.

Here are a few more tips for your pups work day:

  • Keep your pet close to you at all times.
  • Be aware of workplace hazards that could harm your dog.
  • If other office dogs are present, introduce your pup to them.
  • Be courteous to your coworkers - not everyone is a dog person.

Training for the Office

If your dog has never been to the office before, it is important to properly prepare them ahead of time. Our dog boarding, day care facilities, and training services are the perfect place to give your dog the training and socialization they need in order to be the best office pup in the building!

So whether you’re prepping your dog for days at the office, or are looking for day care services on your busier days, Camp Bow Wow has you covered!
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