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How to Create an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Pup

How to Create an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Pup

This Sunday is Easter, and we wanted to share a way to celebrate Easter with your pup by offering them a fun, at-home enrichment Easter Egg Hunt! This is a version of a scavenger hunt and can help a dog engage their brain by allowing them to use their strongest sense to sniff out tasty treats or food. 

How to Set the Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Use plastic eggs of different sizes
  • Leave some eggs partially cracked to allow the dog to get the treat out using their nose or paw 
    • Hinged eggs make this easier
    • Eggs with a small hole or holes can help a dog more easily sniff them out
  • For any eggs that are closed, let the dog find the egg and then reward them by opening it and giving the dog the treat inside
  • If outside, hide eggs in the grass, low bushes, under sticks, or under a little dirt
  • If doing an egg hunt indoors, hide eggs at different levels and use household items such as pillows, blankets, towels, bowls, or rugs to cover them up
  • Use treats that have a stronger scent like a soft treat that can be broken in half or freeze dried treat
  • Offer verbal praise and encouragement as your pup gets close to the eggs 
  • Be sure pups don't eat the eggs or crunch on the plastic 
    • This is an activity that should be supervised

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