Scavenger Hunt

Creating an at-home Scavenger Hunt can help keep your pup occupied, engage the nose and brain, and wear him or her out! There are many ways to set up a scavenger hunt for your pup, and we’ve put together ways you can keep it simple as well as add a challenge when your pup catches on to the game.

To Start:

Make sure your pup is in a secure area away from your scavenger hunt grounds. This may be a crate, another room, in your yard, or even leashed with another person in another part of the house. Start setting up your scavenger hunt by hiding treats around your home. Then let your pup out to seek out these snacks! Here are some tips to start and ways to progress the hunt so your pup can enjoy this game for a long time.


  • Hide 5-7 stinky treats in plain sight
  • Use one room
  • Walk with your pup to find the treats
  • Make it a little bit harder by using smaller, less stinky treats


  • Hide treats at different levels such as benches, chairs, shelves, dog crates, stairs, etc.
  • Hide treats underneath items such as pillows, rugs, dog toys, boxes, cups, etc. Move some of these items out of place to encourage your pup investigate
  • Incorporate a puzzle toy along the way


  • Spread treats throughout multiple rooms (use odd spaces like the shower or a closet)
  • Hide treats in boxes, other toys, or towel rolls
  • Hide a puzzle for added challenge
  • Replace a found treat after your pup moves on to another location to search

Keep it interesting by:

  • Changing up where you hide treats (don’t be surprised if your pup looks in the same places)
  • Using different treats
  • Increasing the difficulty
  • Randomly include jackpots (several treats in one location)

Regardless of challenge, if your pup needs some help, you can:

  • Use your voice to encourage your pup along the way
  • Point out hidden treats with your finger
  • Give a hint by tapping or touching where the treat is hidden
  • Praise your pup when he or she finds the treat

As your dog gets better and better, you may choose to hide the treats and let your pup find them all on his own. Happy hunting!