Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Spotlight: Idaho

Meet our latest Bow Wow Buddies Foundation grant recipient, Idaho!

Unfortunately, this sweet girl was abandoned at the beginning of Hurricane Ida. Luckily, the owners of Camp Bow Wow Mid-City New Orleans took her in to ensure her safety. Quickly it was discovered that she tested positive for heartworm and was underweight. That’s when the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation stepped in to provide Idaho heartworm treatment and other medical attention. Idaho is currently in foster care with the Camp owners, Scarlett and Jason, and hoping to find her forever home soon!

We are so grateful for these Camp owners who stepped up during this difficult time to ensure the health and happiness of a pup in need!

If you'd like to help more dogs like Idaho have a second chance at a happy, healthy life, please consider donating to the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. We appreciate your support in lending a paw to sick and injured dogs in need!